Alexandra Room

Experience The Magic Of The All-White Alexandra Room

Decked completely in white from the smooth marble flooring to the classic moldings on the walls, the Alexandra Room offers you an intimate space to celebrate all the special moments of life from baby showers to weddings. 

The multiple skylights on its sloped ceilings allow ample sunlight into the reception room which enhances the room’s brightness and creates a lively ambiance for you and your guests. The elegant chandeliers complement the all-white room’s enchanting atmosphere. And with a modern lighting system, you can adjust the room’s color to one of your choice to create the right mood for your event.

The Alexandra Room is adjoined to its own outdoor patio which is perfect for your spring, summer & fall celebrations! The thoughtfully designed patio offers a great view of our lush landscaping that one can’t help but admire. The Alexandra Room can host up to 140 guests making it perfect for intimate celebrations.

Contact us to reserve the Alexandra Room and plan your special day to perfection.