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Celebrate The Ultimate Union Of Two Lives And Souls With Splendor
One of the most significant decisions a couple must make while arranging their wedding is choosing the venue. In the end, you would like to reserve one of the

best wedding venues in NJ

that offers a terrific package at a great price. The Sapphire Grand is a premier

luxury wedding venue in NJ

where each wedding gets a unique treatment based on your idea.

Stunning Backdrop For Memorable Wedding Album

The Sapphire Grand is one of the most unique and elegant

best wedding places in NJ & NY

that makes you want to add more photos to your wedding album. And with gourmet food and luxurious decor, you are guaranteed an awe-inspiring wedding celebration.

For Small And Large Wedding Celebrations

Whether you want a small intimate wedding with your loved ones or a large reception, we can seamlessly manage every detail to a tee for you in one of the best wedding venues in NJ.

What We Offer

Dedicated Event Planner​
Carefully Curated Vendor List
Extensive Selection Of Decor​
Plethora of Menu Options & Packages

The day you’ve dreamed of is finally near.
Allow us to bring your greatest dream to life!